Editorial Note, e-Journal March 2014

Asfar’s e-Journal, voluntary Editors and Contributors continue to dedicate their time, skills and invention to publish a fascinating and unique e-Journal, produced by aspiring writers, thinkers and photographers of the Middle East. This edition sees a range of diverse articles from: Aisa Martinex’s article and photos on Researching dress in Saudia Arabia, edited by Ruby … Continued

Editorial note – December 2013

Since our inaugural edition in December 2012, the editorial team at Asfar have been fortunate to work with a fantastic number of young writers and photographers. This edition of Asfar would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication and we are keen that the growing interest and engagement in the journal can … Continued

Caravans, Yörüks and the Balkar Mountains

When it comes to the last term of the penultimate year, every student is thinking about the topic of their dissertation. The thesis, which will cap off there undergraduate life, and for some will be the foundation of future learning, research and even greatness in their subject of choice. For others it will be just … Continued

Editorial note – August 2013

Over the past year, Asfar’s Editors, Writers, Photographers and Volunteers, have been considering methods of developing Asfar and its’ reach to new participants and audiences in a variety of different ways. And the results of this activity, can be no better seen than in the August 2013 edition of the e-Journal. From a fascinating rhetoric … Continued

Tbilisi and Sumela: diversity and monastic magic

After nearly 11 hours on the road, our inter-city bus rolled up to the outskirts of Tbilisi. Exhausted and disorientated by the strange journey, I was dropped off at the bus station, and took a taxi to Avlabari district, bidding farewell to my fellow passengers. Finding my hotel’s street, at first I was hesitant as … Continued

Editor’s note – April 2013

Asfar’s second e-Journal brings together eighteen unique submissions, by a diverse group of new Writers and Photographers. Since our first e-Journal in December 2012, Asfar has developed rapidly as a voluntary organisation, growing from a team of just 6 volunteer Editors to 17 Editors all charged with an individual country. Thanks to the dedication of … Continued

Ani, the lost capital of the Armenians and the road to Tbilisi

Journey on the Eastern Express I boarded the train at Haydarpaşa station and was directed to my carriage, my home for the next 2 days. Its archaic style, a 1960s Pullman carriage, amused me instantly. With the seating area to the left, which pulled down into beds, a large table incorporating fridge and a sink … Continued

Editor’s Note – December 2012

Asfar was established for two key reasons. First, to promote interest in the Middle East in a full range of subjects, beyond politics and international relations. Second, to encourage aspiring writers; photographers; thinkers; editors; and others to develop their skills and promote their talents on an accessible platform – an online journal. The e-Journal is … Continued

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