Sheniz Tan, Director

Sheniz Tan is AsfarEurope's Director.

Sheniz is responsible for all of AsfarEurope's activities, strategy and overall organisational development.

Sheniz holds an MA in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding from the University of Winchester, has a BA (Hons) in Politics and History of the Middle East with Turkish from the University of Durham and holds a Level 7 Strategic Management qualification and is Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Sheniz has worked in the Youth, NGO & Charities, Welfare to Work, Social Entrepreneurship & International Development sectors since 2007, for a variety of different organisations over the past 16 years, including: the British Youth Council and LionHeart In The Community.

From 2015 to 2018, Sheniz, acted as a Project Development Consultant at Rinova, responsible for monitoring its EU portfolio (23+ large scale EU programmes) and project managed and supported a cross ranges of programmes including: Erasmus+; EU Justice; Interreg; Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programmes.

Since 2019, Sheniz has focused strictly on AsfarEurope and its partnership network, developing a series of new dynamic learning, employment, skills and social entrepreneurship programmes, including RESOLVE, a reconciliation for development learning programme and the RESOLVE: Network.

Additionally, Sheniz is an Aim Texas World Bank consultant to the Republic of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population acting as team leader on the design of its' communications and outreach strategy for its' flagship Employment Support Programme.


Publications, Lectures & Research

A profile of child marriage in the Caucasus, Asfar e-Journal, December 2017.

Erasmus+ European Partnership for Apprenticeships project.

Erasmus+ Euro-IVET: Enhancing the quality of initial vocational and education training for young people in urban and multicultural settings.

Erasmus+ Interculturality Mobility

Erasmus+ Igma-Femina

Erasmus+ REVaLUE: Refugees Empowerment through VET in an inclusive Europe.

Talking Peace, Exploring Conflict, University of Winchester.

Emina Hasanagic, International Project Manager

Emina Hasanagić, is AsfarEurope's International Project Manager and is responsible for co-ordinating all key international and Erasmus+ programmes. Emina has been involved with Asfar UK since 2017/2018, when the RESOLVE concept began to be introduced to international partners, and with AsfarEurope since December 2019.

Emina obtained a MA in Management and Organisation from the University of Sarajevo in 2014; she is also an alumni of the Young Women's Peace Academy. From 2014, Emina has been active in the NGO sector as a Administrative Department Manager and Erasmus+ Coordinator for the Bosnian Foundation Krila nade in Sarajevo. Emina participated in different initiatives including IPA, Erasmus+ projects, European Solidarity Corps etc. Emina has diverse experience in administrative and financial management of projects, monitoring of project implementation, partnership management, and also in volunteer management, diversity, peacebuilding and reconciliation.

Emina is the author of the Buildpeace Toolkit for Educators, co-author of the Mapping report about Formal, Non-formal education and Online learning in Peace-building and supported the creation of the Buildpeace Handbook for Learners and Policy recommendations. She contributed to the “Report on violence against children (2018) Monitoring results of non-governmental organisations on the state of violence against children and local level community resources in BiH” by Zdravo da ste and UNICEF;  The “Volunteering in countries of the Western Balkans: Guidelines for obtaining residence permits for volunteers within Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps” by SALTO and Recommendations for Erasmus+ for Western Balkan Countries by Environment Engineering group in 2019.

Special focus of her work is in providing opportunities for young people to engage in activities that build mutual understanding and reconciliation in the civic, social, educational, cultural and sports domain. Emina was member of the working group of the Peacebuilding Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2 years where she engaged in preparations of numerous activities (e.g. Weeks of Building Peace, Week of Human Rights, Week of Building Peace, Solidarity and Women Rights).  Emina is also one of the founders of the Network of ESC accredited organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia for over 3 years.