Editorial note – August 2013

Over the past year, Asfar’s Editors, Writers, Photographers and Volunteers, have been considering methods of developing Asfar and its’ reach to new participants and audiences in a variety of different ways.

And the results of this activity, can be no better seen than in the August 2013 edition of the e-Journal. From a fascinating rhetoric on Arab customers and attitudes, similar to Edward Lane’s great anthropological work: Manners and Customers of the Modern Egyptians; to a unique contemplative piece of ‘neo-Ottomanism in Turkey and the Balkans. One of our fast developing editors, has also provided the e-Journal with an insightful profile on the Arab-British Centre and its recent international UNESCO recognition.

Another new contributor asks the question why Arabic Wikipedia is lagging behind; whereas culinary tradition and the Israel national identity is also contemplated. The ongoing instability in Egypt and Libya are investigated, while 3 traveller writers experience life in Kurdistan, modern Iraq and Georgia. Iran’s economic sanctions are analysed, while the growing development of Women’s rights in the Gulf is reviewed. Finally, but not least we have two submissions reviewing the different types of relationships two countries, Turkey and Morocco, have experienced with the U.S, one specifically charting diplomacy, the other focusing on the entertainment industry.

It is a pleasure to continue to see the development of Editors, Contributors and the overall Asfar e-Journal publication. Asfar is always interested in talking to new contributors and welcomes new ideas and levels of skills. Furthermore, from October 2013, Asfar is seeking to develop its Advisory Panel. Please feel free to contact the Asfar team to learn.

I hope you will enjoy the latest edition of the Asfar e-Journal.

Sheniz Tan
Senior Editor, August 2013

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