Editorial Note, e-Journal July 2014

With further discord occurring within the Middle East, extending and crossing borders and a new chapter in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict upon unfolding, it has never been more important to show and promote the other side of the region: namely the People, as well as its diverse culture, history and geography etc.

Living outside of the Middle East, and in particular for those who have never visited the region, can be difficult for individuals to see anything but War, Bloodshed and Politics. The media and rhetoric in some newspapers and news channels, can result in some people forgetting that behind these images, there are real people, many who are just trying to get on with their lives, even within a warzone.

Through Asfar, our Editors aim to promote another side of the region.

In this edition, articles include:

  • A cautious Victory: the hope presented by the Tunisian Constitution by Rich Quinlan
  • Samira Makhmalbaf: Educationalist by Alexis Gibbs
  • London Festival of Kurdish Music by Sheniz Tan
  • Independent Kurdistan Crescent is on the Horizon by Hiwa Zandi
  • A review of Walid El Masri’s exhibition: Cocoon by Leon Kuebler
  • Islam, Socialism and Arabism: the origins of the Ba’th ideology in Syria by Scott Morrison

Asfar always welcomes new contributors to the e-Journal, if you would like to learn more about submitting a piece of work or getting involved, please email info@asfar.org.uk

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard work of each Editor, Contributor and Volunteer involved in this edition. It would not be possible without their time and dedication.

I hope very much you enjoy the July edition of the e-Journal.

Sheniz Tan
July 2014

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