RESOLVE and Reconciliation for Development are developed through utilising the most effective:

  • conflict resolution
  • reconciliation &
  • peacebuilding techniques

developed in post-war countries where social intolerance, xenophobia and racism were a key cause of conflict.

The RESOLVE model aims to focus on the socio-economics needs of a country such as:

  • employability & life skills
  • youth development
  • women economic empowerment
  • social inclusion

The RESOLVE model recognises that often socio-economics, especially community poverty, is one of the key routes to conflict, community division and isolation.

The key methods of the RESOLVE model are:

  • Interfaith  & people to people dialogue
  • Sport for Peace
  • Theatre & Creative methods
  • Mediation
  • Simulation games
  • Democracy & Citizenship
  • Social Action & Volunteering

Through a range of activities including:

  • Online learning
  • Youth Exchanges & Trainings
  • Dialogue transnational & local activities
  • Inter-cultural engagement
  • Digital learning
  • Volunteering placements

AsfarEurope is always keen to learn about new methods/activities to deliver through more channels.

All RESOLVE programmes and activities incorporate a range of ‘Reconciliation for Development’ life skills, which are: