AsfarEurope is committed to socio-economic development of the Baltic, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and wider Europe.

As part of our commitment, AsfarEurope works both directly with individuals and their communities and we also work with stakeholders and strategic networks to address the wider issues within society.

Through Strategic Partnership and Collaborative-working, locally, nationally and transnationally, the cause and effects as a result of communities’ issues, can be changed/improved and this is why AsfarEurope is committed to working on strategic activities to ensure a sustained resolution to socio-economic issues our global societies face today.

AsfarEurope is a committed EU & International Strategic Partner and has a highly experienced international strategic management team ready to make a difference.

Currently, AsfarEurope is interested in Strategic Partnerships that focus on:

  • Youth sector & the wider focuses of: Social Action; Youth Enterprise; Citizenship, Solidarity & Volunteering; Employability; and the fight against Social Intolerance
  • Gender Equality & Women Economic Empowerment
  • Environmental, Climate Change & Energy Poverty
  • Welfare to Work & Vocational, Educational & Training (VET)
  • Enterprise & Social Entrepreneurship

AsfarEurope as is committed strategic change and has the capacity to link all strategic partnership outputs to our direct delivery, ensuring that any programme results is utilised and does not end up on a shelf and forgotten.

AsfarEurope has the capacity to deliver EU-based Strategic Partnerships and in the Balkans; the Baltic; the Caucasus; Eastern Europe; and beyond!

AsfarEurope can work further afield than this and is ready to provide our vast knowledge and expertise beyond these countries/regions both through Strategic Partnerships, Colloborative-working and through our Development Consultancy services.

If you are a partner or a strategic stakeholder and would like to discuss a potential project idea, that AsfarEurope could either partner on or support you to develop, please email us at: