Editor’s note – April 2013

Asfar’s second e-Journal brings together eighteen unique submissions, by a diverse group of new Writers and Photographers. Since our first e-Journal in December 2012, Asfar has developed rapidly as a voluntary organisation, growing from a team of just 6 volunteer Editors to 17 Editors all charged with an individual country.

Thanks to the dedication of our Editors and Contributors, this has resulted in a more diverse range of subjects, from: Morocco during early independence; to Palestinian Hip Hop and the tradition of story telling; Music in Libya; to the need of a national history textbook in Lebanon. Other article topics include: ritual practice during the Hajj; to National-religious soldiers in Israel’s Army; the politics of Water between Palestine and Israel; the strategic importance of Qatar; and a chronicle from Port Said.

This edition, also includes articles on: the factional relationship between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei; ‘uncensored’ freedom of speech in the Cedar Country; Saudi Arabia since the Gulf War; Iraqi Protests and the constitutional roots to the unrest; Women in Moldova; as well as an interview with Mona Chalabi, following her successful exhibition at the Arab-British Centre in March 2013.

Asfar also welcomes three up and coming photographers: Adam Rossano and his depiction of the Charedi Male community in Israel during the festival of Sukkot; Matej Belin and his photographic log of his travels in Jordan; and Patrick Floto with his unique images in black and white of the Sabbath in Israel.

Away from the editorial room, Asfar is also about to launch its first youth programme funded by the British Council and Youth in Action. The programme offers further opportunities for Asfar’s participants, as well as providing more route ways for individuals fascinated by the region to get involved in Asfar, volunteering and social action projects. To learn more, please contact youthinaction@asfar.org.uk for further information.

Asfar hopes you will enjoy our first e-Journal of 2013.

Sheniz Tan
Senior Editor
April 2013

Leander’s Tower, Istanbul.

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