Erasmus+ Inside Out: Growing Gender Awareness 2nd Edition – call for participants for training course in Budapest

The aim of the project is to increase gender awareness in activities with youngsters performed by social actors in Europe and third countries program.

IOGGA2 is a Training Course that involves 7 partner organizations from 7 countries (Hungary, Estonia, Albania, Italy, Spain Azerbaijan and the State of Palestine). It will take place in Hungary in Budapest and will be hosted by Anthropholis Association.

The specific objectives of IOGGA2 are:

  • to analyze the phenomenon of Gender equality in the local communities of the participants and compare them to the European level;
  • to lay the foundation for a better intervention on a local and international level;
  • to lay the foundation for a better understanding of the educational consequences;
  • to increase the capacity of assessment in the social environment of the participants;
  • to reflect on personals stories and stereotypes in our social environments;
  • to increase the sensitiveness in the psychological aspect; 
  • to give educational insight into practical tools, reflections on proactive methods, and exchange of good practices with Non-formal education methods;
  • to give proper tools on how to design specific, gender-equality-related Erasmus+ programs to increase the success in international cooperation, networking and advocating and to create the best condition for mutual understanding.

Cost of accomodation and food are cover by the Erasmus+ grant.

Please be aware that the reimbursement will be transferred to the sending organization after that all the original documents will be received and the dissemination part will be completed.

Travel reimbursement will up to: 

  • Estonia – 220€

If interested, please apply here:

Deadline: 31st March 2023

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