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Are you passionate about Peacebuilding and International development? Do you have strong project management skills and a dedication to making a positive impact in the world?

Asfar is looking for a committed volunteer to join digitally our team from November 2023 to September 2024 to support the organization of our 3rd Peace Conference, this time in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a volunteer, you will play a crucial role in supporting our project management team, the RESOLVE: Network, and our NGO partners as we work together to make our next peace conference a reality.

This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your expertise, enhance your skills and gain valuable insights into the world of international development and peacebuilding. To learn more, see our info pack.

If you’re enthusiastic about contributing to a more peaceful world and want to be a part of the conference management committee or support our work in another, we invite you to apply now!

Send your CV and explain why are you motivated to join our team to: resove@asfar.org.uk by 15th November 2023.

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