Call for participants: Training Course PLAYADR in Hungary

The project PLAYADR: Promoting Learning in ADR through Youth-oriented Playful Approaches aims to equip youth workers with the knowledge and skills to use games and educational tools to teach Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) concepts to young people.

The training course will be organised 8-16 August 2024 in Hollókő, Hungary.

ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. It’s a collective term for methods of resolving disputes outside of traditional legal avenues like litigation. ADR methods include arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and conciliation. These approaches are often preferred because they can be quicker, less expensive, and more flexible than going to court. They also offer parties more control over the outcome and can sometimes preserve relationships better than adversarial processes.

PLAYADR will involve 37 participants from 10 countries: Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Armenia, Albania, Poland, North Macedonia, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Estonia. 

The participants for this seminar would primarily consist of youth workers who have a minimum of experience in gamification in a non-formal environment or created or have been involved in the testing of games for non-formal learning, they have an interest or responsibility in teaching young people about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) concepts using non-formal methodologies. 

To find out more check out the infopack:

Or check out the training description on SALTO’s webpage, where you can also find the link to apply. The deadline to apply is 31st May 2024.

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