Husseini, Hitler, and Interlaced Fingers

Hajj Amin al-Husseini met Adolf Hitler in 1941 and has been demonised in the ensuing historiography of Palestinian leadership ever since. The photographic evidence of the meeting is a fascinating insight. The two men sit adjacent to each other with Hitler leaning in, his hands mid-gesture in an explanative manner. The Mufti sits upright, also … Continued

Hajj: Makkah and a Million Muslims

Three million people attend the religious pilgrimage of Hajj every year. Last year, for three weeks, I was one of the three million. I cleared myself of all expectation and entered into the experience with an interest for the political, religious and social organisation of so many people. Visiting the city of Makkah1 and seeing … Continued

British Pakistani Muslims in Search of a True Islam

When I return home I always drink from the same mug. It has the perfect dimensions, squatness, distance between handle and mug. But more than anything, scrawled on its body are the words ‘Medical Aid for Palestinians’. I’m not Palestinian by origin, but I cannot shake its resonance. A connection to the Middle East has … Continued

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