Desert Dreams and Urban Adventures: 6 months International traineeship with MIHI in Egypt

During my six month long traineeship in Egypt I’ve learned a lot about myself, and for the first time experienced what it means to feel a real sense of fulfilment and purpose from my work. During these six months, I was fortunate enough to experience so many different things, from living in an oasis and assisting at a kindergarten in the Western Desert, to facilitating my own English conversation club and mindfulness workshops in Alexandria. I feel much more confident about my own abilities, and this is inspiring and motivating me to pursue a career in non-formal education and youth mobility. I’ve also gained an insight into the reality of working for a small NGO, and proven to myself how resilient I can be in difficult situations.

It has also been a privilege to explore Egypt and the culture of this incredible country. I was fortunate enough to travel to Siwa, Cairo and South Sinai several times each, and these were some of the best trips of my life. The magic of the desert never failed to stun me, and Cairo took a piece of my heart to the extent that I’m considering spending some time living there in the future. I would like to express my appreciation for Bassant, our incredible coordinator and the heart of MIHI Egypt, my experience would not have been the same without her consistent kindness and genuine care and consideration. What made this experience so special was that alongside my colleague Lucy, it felt like we were a family. It was beautiful to see and feel how we supported and uplifted each other, particularly while facing challenges. I’m also very grateful for all of the other friendships that I made along the way, including the participants in the training courses that I took part in, the attendees of my workshops, and anyone else that I shared moments of joy, adventure and connection with. Many people have made an impact on me during these six months, and I’ve felt a lot of inspiration that will stay with me

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