Parisian Perspectives: 4 months placement with FISPE in France

For 4 months, I have had the privilege of working at the FISPE association in the heart of Paris. This association helps immigrants and refugees living in France with their social inclusion and employment opportunities by offering a number of French classes and social impact projects.

Throughout my time at FISPE, I was heavily involved in their European projects which are aimed at raising awareness about pertinent issues relating to immigrant communities. A particular favourite of mine was the FATIMA2 project which is centred around the subject of honour-related violence and informing young people on how to combat this hidden crisis. I was also able to obtain a well-rounded view of working within an NGO, from marketing & communications, animating projects with other associations and connecting with our European partners.

A particular mission of mine was to boost my language skills by working almost always in French. Alongside this, participating in some of FISPE’s classes (such as Reading Aloud Lecture and Professional Learning Workshops) helped me to boost my oral confidence and engage more with our immigrant students. After 4 months, I have reached a high B2 level of French and I feel confident to work fully in this language from now on.

Outside of work, I have had the opportunity to live like a true Parisian. Alongside Paris’ infinite sites of culture and art, I visited places including Normandy, Chateau de Chantilly and the Maison du Monet. I have also had some unforgettable experiences here, such as walking for a runway show in Paris Fashion Week.

My time at FISPE has been my most rewarding experience to date. Thanks to the whole team, who welcomed me like family, I am leaving the association completely fulfilled and overwhelmingly grateful. I am sure that my connection with this NGO will last my lifetime.

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