Woman of the Week – November

Our campaign continues in November as we still want to raise awareness about the achievements of woman that have been often overlooked by history.

Remember every Monday is #WOTW

November’s first #WOTW is Claudette Colvin! Claudette bravely refused to give up her seat to a white person and was subsequently arrested for it. Claudette refused to give up her seat months before Rosa Parks, but the latter was deemed a better fit for the Civil Rights Movement in the 50s. Today we celebrate Claudette Colvin, her bravery and her fight against a-then segregated America.

We continue with Ellen Ochoa as the November’s second-week #WOTW. Ellen Ochoa is an American astronaut & was the first Hispanic woman to finish astronaut training & travel into space!

This week we will be celebrating two incredible women, Emmanuelle Charpentier & Jennifer Doudna – this year they have won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work developing a method for genome editing!

This weeks #WOTW is Misty Copeland, an American ballet dancer & the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre! Copeland is an inspiration to black women & girls everywhere and has worked and continues to work to make ballet a more diverse place for everyone.

This week’s #WOTW is Mary Robinson. Robinson was the first female Prime Minister of Ireland and has dedicated her life to advancing and promoting the rights of those marginalised in society.

Robinson truly has achieved so much in her lifetime and has created a framework for future peacebuilders. She is an inspiration to all and an icon to a generation of women and girls – today we celebrate all that Mary Robinson has achieved!

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