Erasmus+ Update – Spring 2016


Since our last update, Asfar has delivered several transnational activities, and by June, this hit 5!


January 2016

In January, as part of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme: Micro-Enterprise and Social Action international Programme, Asfar and partners: Cukurova Universite and NAMCB sent our Youth Workers to Adana, Turkey to participate in a youth worker training activity entitled: Enterprising the Youth Sector.

Enterprising the Youth Sector, was designed to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of Youth Workers in Enterprise and Social Action, in order to offer an alternative to young people from the traditional career route ways of Employment, Education or Training.

5 professionals working with young people, in some shape or form, from the UK, Bulgaria and Turkey were involved and as well as participating in workshops, visited a number of different local organisations, including Adana’s Enterprise Hub and a youth-led Enterprise promoting tourism in Cappadocia.


February 2016

In February, Asfar’s team were all gearing up to welcome a highly international group of young people as part of Erasmus+ Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt project which focused on the effects of World War I in Western and Eastern Europe and in the Middle East.

Young people from the UK, Israel, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia visited London for 7 days. Activities included a bespoke workshop for Asfar at the Imperial War Museum, a visit to Europe House for a debate on whether Turkey should gain entry into the EU, as well as a wide range of Asfar’s activities including Micro-Teach, Cultural visits, Creative skills and reflections on how World War I still influences our societies today.

One of the most interesting aspects was learning about Macedonian’s understanding and approach to teaching the First World War, which is basically non-existent compared to the wider countries involved. We discovered this was due to the back-to-back regional wars throughout the Balkans during this period.


April 2016

In April, Asfar once again hosted young people in London as part of the Erasmus+ Evropa2Evraziis UK-Eurasia project. Participants from UK, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan spent a week together learning about their different cultures, histories, societies and citizenships. Activities included Creative skills building through Film-making technical skills, Film Story board development and how to develop teaching and peer-to-peer mentoring skills through our Micro-Teach workshops. Participants designed and delivered their own Micro-Teach subject which included: Management; traditional Turkish folk dance; Georgian Cossack dancing; as well as many others activities.

Wider activities included a visit to Europe House, where we learned about the EU, our Citizenship and what the EU is responsible for in the Union. Asfar also hosted a Cultural night, where each group brought along something significant about their culture and gave a presentation about their country. The results included a traditional Azeri folk dance; introduction to Georgian Kakheti wine and ChaCha; as well as lots of other delicacies and cultural foods.


May 2016 onwards

From May onwards, Asfar has lots of Erasmus+ learning and youth exchange opportunities including London-based Enterprise and Social Action training for young people interested in setting up a business or a social organisation, as part of Erasmus+ Micro-Enterprise and Social Action international Programme and two youth exchanges to Tbilisi, Georgia and Tetovo, Macedonia.

Other travel opportunities coming up, which we are seeking participants for include:

  • Turkey – July 2016
  • Serbia – August 2016
  • Azerbaijan – September 2016
  • Bulgaria – September 2016

Asfar also have a number of other travel opportunities in the pipework’s, so in order to keep up-to-date, please complete our application form, to receive information on Erasmus+ opportunities –

Alternatively, contact us on if you have any questions.

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