Editorial Note – April 2015

Welcome to Asfar’s April 2015 edition of our e-Journal.

We all hope you enjoy it!

In this edition, you will discover 7 fascinating articles on a wide range of Middle Eastern subjects. Including:

  • Marrakchef: Foodie Fusion Morrocco Interview with Antoine Ludovic by Joe Blood
  • Islamic Revivalism: the case of Hassan Turabi and the Islamic state by Hellen Gheorghe
  • Erasmus+ Inspire Europe travel log by Sheniz Tan
  • The Yemeni Conundrum: How old regional rivalries may destabilize the Gulf by Rich Quinlan
  • Post-Soviet Marshrutkas and Cassette Players: Wandering Around the Turkic and Persian Worlds of Central Asia by Marcos Farias Ferreira
  • Towards Togetherness: an interview with a British Sufi by Sawsan Bastawy
  • A brief history of the Ba’th Party. Introduction to Michel Aflaq’s ideology by Carlotta Stegagno

Thank you to everyone involved and I very much hope you enjoy reading Asfar’s first edition for 2015.

Sheniz Tan

Director & Senior Editor


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