Digital Talks: Intimate Partner Violence Awareness

Our next Digital Talks will be with Rianna Raymond-Williams from Shine ALOUD.

The Digital Talk will specifically concern their new campaign ‘I Know He Loves Me – Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Awareness.’ Their campaign aims to show the signs of IPV, which is incredibly important given the rise of domestic abuse cases during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Talk will be on the 30th September at 5pm UK time/6pm CET.

To register for the talk, use this link:…/tZwpdO6trTMsE9MIzgtWGcxzVqA28…

Shine ALOUD UK works to create a community of sexually empowered and sexual confident individuals through providing resources, training and education on sexual health and the inequalities faced especially by BAME women.

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