Creative Digital Learning: storytelling & digital tools for social action – 11am EEST, 22nd June 2021

Join us on 22nd June 2021 online for our latest creative workshops as we launch our: Creative Digital Learning: storytelling & digital tools for social action series.

Between June and December 2021, AsfarEurope will be running free creative training workshops online for young people aged 18 to 24 and young adults up to 30 years old.

Workshops will be in Russian.

The event timetable is as follows:

  • 22nd June 2021- Storytelling – an introduction
  • 20th July 2021- What are the Sustainable Development Goals – how to tell stories related to SDGs + Digital Storytelling
  • 14th September 2021- Introduction to Climate Change & Energy Poverty – Storytelling/ Digital tools skills
  • 19th October 2021 – Introduction to Social Enterprise & Social Action skills – Storytelling/ Digital tools skills
  • 23rd November 2021 – Introduction to the e-Journal – Storytelling/ Digital tools skills
  • 14th December 2021 – Introduction to the RESOLVE: Network – social action projects opportunities

If you are a non-Russian speaker, then this series of workshops will not be suitable for you. However, we do occasionally run English language creative workshops through our wider work in the EU. Follow us on social media to be kept up to date.

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