Amman in May


In May 2015, Clare Sikorska participated in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Amman, Jordan (see 7th June 2015 post).

Throughout her visit, Clare took a range of photographs using a film Pentax K1000 camera. Learn more about the camera here.

The final photographs are both enticing and indicative of the experience, young people can gain during an inter-cultural youth programme, such as an Erasmus+ programme.

Many of the photographs are of the group of young people united from the UK and Jordan, some are of the learning activities, and includes some of the fun experiences. Others are more abstract and includes both Jordan’s landscape and random objectives.

If you have any questions about individual photographs or would like to receive more information on the experience of using a film camera instead of mobile phone or digital cameras, feel free to drop a message below and Asfar will come back to you shortly.

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