A very successful RESOLVE: Network Youth Conference

The RESOLVE: Network Youth Conference was organised on the 10th December 2020 has brought together 142 delegates, speakers and team members who joined this 6 hours long conference to mark UN75.

The Conference started with a keynote speech from Jonathan Eshpar, Political Affairs Officer with the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

During the first Panel Youth: Education, Skills & Employability different topics were discussed, with the support of the following speakers:

  • Andrej Troha, SALTO SEE Resource Center
  • Elif Emma True, BYC’s UK Young Ambassador to the Commonwealth Youth Council
  • Teo Eli Dalakishvili, Creative Development Center
  • Daniel Gindis, WiseMee
  • Nabeeda Bakali

And was followed by breakout sessions and discussions led by young people.

The second panel Memory, Reconciliation, and Storytelling allowed the delegates to participate in workshops with the aim to try out different storytelling methods and encourage empathy-building between young people.

This panel was organised with the support from:

  • Leo Zbanke
  • Bruno Pizzini
  • Darren Nevard, Sivana Institute
  • Adi Kantor, Insitute for National Security Studies
  • Kurnia Dwi Agustina, Sivana Institute
  • Adis Hukanović
  • Emina Hasanagić, Asfar

The second panel was followed by the youth-led Networking event Climate Change which will soon produce a Climate Change Action Plan and be available on our website.

The final panel Gender Equity: UN Resolution 1325 & Women in Peacebuilding included speeches from:

  • ElsaMarie D’Silva, Red Dot Foundation
  • Paula Moreno, LIMPE
  • Iris Martin, FISPE

And was followed by youth led discussions, were more important topics were tackled.

Asfar & Debate for Peace would like to thank all Delegates for their engagement, strong participation as you all made this conference such success together with all the volunteers and the rest of the team who supported the organisation of this conference.

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