Editorial Note – December 2017

Hello, and welcome to the December 2017 issue of Asfar’s e-journal! I would like to apologise to our regular readers for such a long wait since the last issue of our journal was published. It has been a hectic time for myself transitioning to a PhD (with all of the added mishaps that come with that) … Continued

A profile of Child Marriage in the Caucasus

Child Marriage is still an ever-present issue throughout the world, and is most widely known and understood in Africa and the Middle East by the general public, but in Europe and the wider Western countries knowledge of child marriage in the Caucasus is limited. There is a lack of information and awareness of the causes … Continued

Why Turkey and the EU should Make a Fresh Start

Turkey has always been, is, and will likely remain one of the most vital countries for the European Union. According to Richard Coudenhove, Turkey has always been an integral part of Europe’s history. Over centuries, relations between the two were characterized by cooperation and convergence— for instance, the deep economic, cultural, artistic, and societal exchanges … Continued

The Qatar Conundrum

If one expects President Donald J. Trump to work to alleviate global tensions, one will undoubtedly be routinely disappointed.  Perhaps the largest international challenge facing the American leader and former reality star, outside of the Korean peninsula, is the tiny Gulf state of Qatar. In early summer, a collection of regional powers, spearheaded by Saudi … Continued

Extract of a Speech given to the “Israel-Palestine, moving towards needs-based solutions” Conference by Steven Aiello

Steven Aiello, Director of the Debate for Peace program, gave this speech at the EP-med-PATRIR (European Platform for Middle East Dialogue) “Israel-Palestine, moving towards needs-based solutions” conference. In 2011, I was studying conflict resolution in a graduate program at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. The most lasting lessons I learned that year came not from … Continued

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