“You are responsible for everything you have bonded with until you die,” said the fox… (Little Prince)

I don’t know where to start to explain my thoughts about the RESOLVE: Life after Brexit project. But I think I should start with my thanks first. To Asfar and İmece for implementing this project; I thank Sheniz, Bruno and Viki for their hospitality there. I think the other point I have to thank again is the wonderful people I know. I met so many beautiful people… I would like to thank this amazing team who made me miss this project from the very first day, It was great to be with you. 🎈 Discovering Budapest after the project was one of the best moments. What a beautiful city. 😍 The activities we participated in the project were also very enjoyable, I still laugh when I remember some of them ☺️ and of course I added a lot to myself in this project. That’s why I had a hard time choosing the photo to put here, I don’t know if it is possible to summarize this project with a single photo, so I am sharing a photo we took last night in memory of the whole project and those who are not in the photo 🥰

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