Volunteering in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

My experience volunteering at Svitac (a multi-ethnic youth centre in in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina) has been beyond valuable. The opportunity to work alongside international and local volunteers to create positive changes and promote integration between youth in the local community has taught me a lot. As well as increasing my socio-political knowledge and developing my personal and professional skills, I met many new people who I know will be life-long friends.

Organising, supporting, and leading creative workshops allowed me to share my interests and learn from others, making me feel more integrated into the team. Developing my own personal project teaching English and assisting young people with their applications to volunteer abroad was one of my favourite aspects of the project because I felt that I was genuinely helping people to make a positive change in their lives. I am also thankful for the opportunities I had to travel this year, exploring Europe, particularly the Balkans, promoted cultural emersion and allowed me to experience different cities as well as natural beauty.

Thank you to everyone from Asfar and Svitac who I have worked with this year, I will miss you all and wish you luck in the future!

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