Volunteering for 11 months in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the end of September 2021, I moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the ESC: Volunteering 4 Peace project, I became part of the community in Brčko District. Over 11 months we helped to run a non-political space where everyone is welcome. Here we hosted informal learning workshops, organised intercultural exchange projects and taught young people the importance of self-expression. I was able to travel to 11 countries, immerse myself in different cultures and meet people who have since become my closest friends.

In words, it is hard to express my gratitude to everyone involved. My participation in the project has helped me to develop into an independent, future-oriented and conscientious individual. This experience has helped to shape my goals for the future and reinforced my existing ambitions to pursue a career in post-conflict resolution.

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