Time Never Comes Again

I wanted to start my words by stating that the RESOLVE: Life after Brexit project in Budapest I went to is my first project and it has a special importance for me. Budapest was indeed a wonderful city. It had many historical buildings, magnificent streets and valuable people. Joining this project has brought me a lot of new features. I know I haven’t changed, but I’m not the same either. The days I spent there ended without ever realizing how it went, and my biggest enemy in this situation was time. Because I have packed such good memories and friendships in such a short time that I never wanted the days I spent to end. Those were dream days for me. I hope everyone has a good experience like this.

I would like to thank the incredible participants, especially Imece Network and Asfar for being involved in such a beautiful project. I wish everyone happy and healthy days.

Finally, I would like to end my words with this beautiful and meaningful sentence;
‘People who touch your heart are always with you.’

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