Help us build Asfar’s Sustainable Development Goals Manifesto and contribute to transforming our world



Asfar, as an international development NGO, is committed to making sustainable development a reality. A key part of this is the development and launch of our own Sustainable Development Goals Manifesto.

But we don’t want to develop alone, we want it to be developed by the young people we support, both in the UK, the Middle East and wider afield.

Asfar is currently seeking a team of young SDG Ambassadors to help us design, develop and launch our SDG Manifesto leading the SDG awareness campaigning and taking our organisation forward in changing the world.

The SDGs are about securing a sustainable future, for all people and young people are a part of that future.

To learn more, to get involved and become an Asfar SDG Ambassador – contact us at


Roles available 1 x Youth Chair

5+ x SDG Ambassadors

Time 2-4 hours per week
Location Digital-based primarily – some meetings may take place throughout the UK, but participation can take place via Skype
Start date May 2016
Key Tasks 1.       Participate on a SDG Manifesto Panel

2.       Learn about SDGs

3.       Identify SDGs for inclusion into Asfar’s SDG Manifesto

4.       Development from idea to publication of the SDG Manifesto

5.       Launch of the SDG Manifesto

6.       Campaign and promotion both of the SDG generally and the Asfar’s SDG Manifesto

7.       Support making the SDG Manifesto into a reality