If your application meets the minimum eligibility criteria, you will be invited to an Erasmus+ briefing.

This is an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the project and how it will be delivered.

The selection procedure will include:

  1. Initial Interview (this may be on a 1 to 1 or Skype call)

  2. Request for key documents (including identification & passport)

  3. Participation in UK Youth Exchange (next activity in April 2016)

  4. Notification of Application Outcome

  5. Payment of Participation contribution


What is the Participation contribution

The Participation contribution is a refundable contribution by UK participations, to ensure their place on an Asfar Erasmus+ project.

It is currently equals 100 euros for Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia or Israel.

This is refunded after participation in a Youth Exchange, or if a participant, is participating in more than one Youth Exchange, at the end of the final Youth Exchange they are involved in.

If a participant drops out or disengages from a project, this will not be refunded. This is to ensure that no participant places are left empty and that those who sign up to the project are committed.

The participation contribution is not designed to prevent a young person participating in a youth exchange. Please get in touch if you can not afford to pay the participation contribution as occasionally, Asfar exempts participants or reduces it to a lower amount based on their individual circumstances.


Other costs participant’s will have to pay

To learn about what Erasmus+ covers during a Youth Exchange, visit here.