RESOLVE: Social Action

I am working on a community issue that I relate to and wanted a space to do more research in an informal way and the RESOLVE: Social Action project gave me the perfect platform to do so.

My mission is to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of black youth by confronting the obstacles holding them back from learning to just -live- and – exist- so that they’ll have a chance to breathe.

The objective of creating that workshop-style focus group through the RESOLVE: Social Action was to gather community members and creatives to brainstorm avenues we could all use to stay and/or get active in the empowerment of our young people.

Along with furthering the conversation on an ever-present issue my community is facing, I wanted to do more no matter how limited my resources were. I was able to create connections between and financially support four small businesses and promote the artwork of local artists. Though small I was able to contribute to these businesses run by young people in London. Rather than getting refreshments and complimentary items from chains such as Tesco, I researched food and drinks businesses run by young people in the Greater London area.

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