Navigating European Youth Goals – My 2 months volunteering experience at MIHI in Alexandria, Egypt

During my two-months volunteering placement at MIHI in Alexandria, Egypt, I actively engaged in a gamification programme aimed at understanding and advocating for the European Youth Goals amongst young people. One notable opportunity was supporting at a meeting, where my focus was on reporting participant development within the project and contributing to the forthcoming phase—digital game design. Collaborating with the team, we explored different digital game styles and devised strategies for local dissemination and related activities.

I took a supporting and hands-on role in guiding participants through the game design process, transforming a podcast script they created into a game script. Additionally, I spearheaded online activities on MIHI’s social media platforms, and in collaboration with a nearby co-working art space, successfully hosted an engaging Open Mic Night near the city centre.

Overall, my experience at MIHI was both challenging and interesting, providing insights into participant management and development.

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