Over the last 60 years, the Middle East, has developed significantly both on a social and economic scale, with many countries in the region now identified as ‘middle income countries’ by the international development sector. This new status, raises the question, do these ‘middle income countries’ still needs aid in order to develop?

Asfar believes the region can benefit from support, but not just aid, through more long-term programmes, designed and delivered by organisations-based in the Middle East. Asfar aims to  work with our Middle Eastern partners to deliver unique programmes in the region, and to also support the capacity building of small, locally-based NGOs in the Middle East, through Development, Fundraising, Project design and management and Evaluation, ensuring their long term sustainability and developing a strong sector.

Asfar aims to make a difference in the Middle East, through the mobilisation of international development programmes.

In 2015, Asfar starts to delivering Youth; Citizenship; Skills and Educational programmes in Turkey, Jordan and the wider Middle East, and aims to do much more over the next 3 years.

International Youth Work

Asfar’s main focus is international Youth work, in the form of: Transnationals & Youth Exchanges projects; Youth Empowerment, Volunteering & Social Action activities; Cultural engagement, Tolerance & Dialogue programmes; Creative & Photography skill-building; HIV/AIDS awareness through workshops; and informal Language learning in English, Arabic and Turkish.


Asfar’s wider international development work also includes Strategic Partnership-working with organisations based throughout the Balkans; the Middle East; the Maghreb; and the Caucasus.

Current Strategic-partnerships programmes under-development include: Youth Worker training on an international platform; Enterprise skills building; Vocational Skills and Employability projects; and Citizenship & Social Action.

International Grants

Asfar is currently seeking partners in the Middle East, especially those supporting refugee and displaced communities, in order to distribute small grants to individuals and families, to support them to re-build their lives.

International Grants are part of Asfar’s not-for-profit, social enterprise model: Community Re-investment.

Please email info@asfar.org.uk in order to learn more about international grants.