Acquiring Invaluable Insights: Navigating International Contexts – 3 months Turing Scheme International Traineeships with Imece Network

It has been an extraordinary privilege to intern with Imece Network in Turkey through Asfar’s International Traineeship programme.

Throughout this experience, I have gained profound insights into the remarkable initiatives undertaken by Imece Network for the betterment of young people. My responsibilities included facilitating weekly English-speaking sessions, managing the NGO’s communications and social media, as well as actively engaging with stakeholders and sponsors. Additionally, the opportunity to travel and immerse myself in the Turkish language has significantly enhanced my connection with the culture.

This traineeship has not only broadened my perspective but has also imparted invaluable lessons on navigating international contexts. I extend my gratitude to Asfar and Imece for providing me with this enriching opportunity, and I deeply appreciate the assistance I received from everyone who accompanied me throughout this transformative experience.

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