Achieving social change and working towards peaceful societies

Me (Tinatin), Nino, Dato and Irakli (From Georgia) have participated in the Erasmus+ programme “RESOLVE: Peace Camps Dialogue Event” which took place in London, in May 2022. During the programme, we gained knowledge about conflict management types and peacebuilding.

For me, the most remembered day was visiting Europe House, as we had valuable experience there, learning more about the European Union and the situation after Brexit (advantages and disadvantages), which was truly interesting.

The programme gave us the skills which can enable social change towards more peaceful societies. Through this programme, we gained more information about peace and reconciliation, which will be really fruitful for us.

We had so much fun during the dialogue event and we made so many friends from different countries…

Spending time in London was the best moment of my life and we express our special thanks to the organisers (Asfar) and the partner organisation (CDC) in Georgia for giving us the opportunity to attend such good dialogue event.

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