A complete immersion in to an inter-cultural and creative environment. – 6 months in Romania with International traineeship

My experience in Romania has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with meaningful encounters, cultural immersion, and enriching collaborations.
During the initial months, I dove headfirst into the local culture, organizing workshops and participating in various art projects. Throughout my stay, I embarked on an art residency at a school for children outside mainstream education, leaving an artistic mark by creatively working with stones and cement. Engaging with teenagers, I facilitated workshops on folkloric patterns, cementing stones to fix a broken step, and delved into the rich history of the Cucuteni civilization during visits to archaeological sites.
Beyond my artistic endeavors, I formed lasting bonds with fellow volunteers, embracing diverse perspectives, and exchanging cultural insights. Especially, the caravan experience in Moldova brought the group closer together, culminating in cherished memories of exploration and camaraderie.
As the project progressed, I continued to make a positive impact, fostering creativity and resilience among students during workshops and residencies. My dedication to promoting cultural understanding and artistic expression has left an indelible mark on the community.
As I reflect on my journey, I look forward to the remaining months, brimming with anticipation for new experiences, friendships, and creative adventures in Romania.

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