10 brilliant months in Brčko

I am sad to be finishing my volunteering in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I’m really glad to have come here and spent 10 months.

I came with the hope of learning some new things, and meeting some nice people, as well as expanding on my existing interests in Balkan languages and food. I did all of that and more, but the main experience to share is that I met some amazing people. I didn’t expect to meet such warm, welcoming and funny people.

The experience of leading informal creative workshops and the people I met, helped me to grow and open up, as well as to not take life too seriously. I am proud in particular of a mural that we made, a project which was suggested by one of my participants, which I initiated and organised. This and the growth of participants, as well as my own personal growth and learning, are the main achievements of my participation in this project.

I had so much fun and I’m thankful to my colleagues, participants, and the sending and hosting organisation for making this great year possible.

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