Development & Evaluation & Monitoring services

Asfar’s Consultancy Development team are experts in Development and Project Management in the NGOs and Social Enterprise sector, with particular specialism in:

  • Youth work;
  • Sport for Development;
  • International Development;
  • Apprenticeships;
  • Education & Life Long Learning;
  • Welfare to Work sectors.

Asfar’s team has also worked for International Diplomatic bodies, as well as Political and Public Affairs companies.

Asfar can get your organisation to its destination. Through developing SMART Strategy Plans, Competitors Analysis, Market Research and Change Management, Asfar can support your organisation to continue to develop in a dynamic and fast changing industry.

Asfar can also provide Quality Assurance, Impact Assessment, Risk Analysis and Evaluation & Monitoring services to our clients, including: Quality Assurance Plans bespoke to your organisation; Impact Assessment strategies and materials; Risk Analysis designed for your organisation/projects; Evaluation frameworks, surveys and evaluative reports; and ongoing project monitoring, KPI assessments and reports.

Fundraising, Bid writing & Negotiation

Asfar’s Consultancy Development team is experienced in a wide range of Fundraising activities. Whether it is identifying funders, completing bid analyses, major and minor donor management, bid writing, negotiations with strategic partners, Asfar can support your organisation to get ahead.

Asfar is especially experienced in supporting small organisations/Social Enterprises/NGOs, who may never have had a formalised Fundraising strategy. Asfar can support organisations to develop a SMART strategic Fundraising plan, pinpoint key actions and support you to gain new funders.

Project Design

Asfar is passionate about designing and implementing unique projects and aims to support small NGOs, Social Enterprises and Community organisations to develop their own dynamic programmes.

Asfar can support or even complete the full project design process. Furthermore, Asfar can provide training to your staff members in how best to design community, youth, sport and international programmes that will achieve funding from Foundations, Trusts, Institutional, EU and International funders.

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Research & Evaluation

Asfar is experienced at carrying out in-depth research both on an academic platform, as well as for social, economic and international reports. Furthermore, Asfar’s experts are skilled in carrying our research for funding final reports, as well as evaluation and monitoring of projects, socio-cultural-economic situations needs assessments and other research-based activities as our clients require.

Asfar’s Research and Evaluation services include a broad range of evaluative reporting, social and economic research and reviewing programmes successes. Asfar specialises in creating innovative approaches to our partners and clients to gain the information they require and be able to assess key subjects. We offer a range of services including:

  • Research methods, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Self-Assessment Reports
  • Consultation, particularly with hard to reach groups
  • Social, Economical and International research
  • Focus groups, dialogue and other participatory approaches to research and development
  • Sectorial Competitor Analysis Reports
  • Project reviews & assessments
  • Feasibility studies, option analysis and business plans
  • Editorial services (copy editing, proofing, improving structure, flow and style and writing in plain English)

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