Leo Zbanke, Creative, Cultural & Digital workshops Trainer

Leo Zbanke, is AsfarEurope’s Creative, Cultural and Digital Trainer & Facilitator.
Born in Moldova, Leo studied social psychology and later turned to film studies graduating from the All Russian State University of Cinematography with a degree in film directing. Since 2015, he has run a production company called Dis Donc Production which creates audio-visual content for governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Since 2016, Leo has been a trainer and facilitates workshops/ training courses on digital storytelling, media literacy, and audio-visual tools, all over Europe.
Leo speaks six languages and his biggest dream is to travel all over the world and create opportunities for young people, making innovative educational and cultural projects.
Leo is a non-binary person who uses he/him or they/ them pronouns, he is involved in LGBTQ activism, writes scripts, and hopes one day to direct/ produce his own movies.
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